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Definition: What are High Heels?

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Many people are already describing shoes with the most minimal heel as high heels. But are these shoes really high enough to be considered as high heels?

In this information I would like to investigate this question and look at the definition of high heels. So, from which point on does a shoe deserve to be called a high heel?

Only the Height of the Heel counts

The definition of high heels actually includes only one thing: a heel of at least 10 centimeters. Regardless of the shoes are boots, pumps, wedges, platform sandals, closed or open - whenever the shoe in question has a heel of at least 10 centimeters, we can label the shoes as high heels.

Important: We have to measure the difference in height between the front and the rear part of the foot. Thus, for example, we can not name platform shoes with a 10 centimeter platform as high heels, if they are the same height at their front as well as at their back.

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High heels are a really nice invention and they have made my life even more beautiful.

Walking on them every day is just wonderful...
2023-07-26 at 19:24

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