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Is it easier to walk on platform pumps compared to normal high heels?

Question by Shop Me | 2013-07-22 at 18:42

I am very interested in your experience in walking on high heels with a platform in comparison to normal high heels without any plateau. Is it really even a little bit easier to wear and walk on platform pumps than on other high heels - provided, of course, both shoes have the same height of their heels?

Sometimes, plateau high heels are looking so gnarly, so that I wonder whether I can survive a night out on them! On the other hand, I cannot reject the thought to buy me a pair of those shoes! I simply like them too much! But this heel is soo high...

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I think that you can not give a general answer to this question. In my experience, foot and high heel must be in harmony with each other. There is not the perfect shoe that fits all. But certainly, somewhere out there, there is the perfect shoe for you that is fitting exactly your foot! Of course, the difficulty lies in finding exactly this one and only one...

If the shoe really fits, and it is nowhere to wide and nowhere pressing and you can easily walk in this shoe, the height of the heel is almost secondary (of course you should have some experience in working on high heels anyway). Therefore, even a flat shoe that is fitting wrong can be much more uncomfortable than wearing and walking on very high killer high heels that are perfectly fitting. And that is also why, it is difficult to compare platform high heels with high heels without plateau.
2013-07-23 at 22:23

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Also in regards to my own experience, I basically can agree with Laura - shoe and owner simply has to find and to fit each other. However, when comparing shoes with the same heel height and with the same conditions of the shoe, I think, that you can better walk on the plateau high heel than on the other shoe. That is my theory:

In most cases, the most difficult thing in wearing high heels is that you have to stand more or less on your toes. This is also the reason why high heels are leading to pain if you have little exercise with such high shoes. 

The less high the heel of the shoes is, the less you have to stand on your toes and the more your weight is allocated over your entire foot instead of only on the toes. Therefore, walking and withstanding will be the more easier, the smaller the distance between the relative height of the toe and the relative height of the heel is.

Assuming we have two high heels, both with a heel height of 15 cm, one shoe with no plateau, the other one with a platform of 7 cm, we come to the following difference: in the first shoe, the foot has to bridge a height of the full 15 cm while wearing the other one there is only a height of 15 cm - 7 cm = 8 cm to bridge.  Accordingly, I would say, in this case, it is much easier to walk on the plateau high heels than on the other shoes with the same heel height. The plateau only increases the shoe in general, not the heel.

Of course, prerequisite that this theory is applicable, is that no one of both shoes is more uncomfortable, more pressing, nastly smaller or whatever else compared to the other.
2013-07-25 at 22:02

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With a heel height four inches or above I find it easier to walk with a platform heel. It tends to be more comfortable too.

Go for it. Just needs practice. Same rules apply. Just takes a slight adjustment in balance.
2013-11-04 at 12:37

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