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Windows Media Creation Tool: Resume Download

Question by Alaska1966 | 2015-09-06 at 13:59

I have downloaded the MediaCreationToolx64 created by Microsoft in order to install Windows 10. However, because my Windows 7 have not been activated yet, the installation stopped.

Now, I have executed the MediaCreationTool for another time to see whether the problem really was the activation issue. Unfortunately, the Media Creation Tool wanted to download Windows 10 again.

How can I determine whether Windows 10 was properly downloaded? I have only a data volume of 5 GB and the download of Windows 10 is 4,3 GB. So, is there any possibility to resume the download or do I really have to download it again?

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The tool itself is not providing any possibility to resume a stopped or canceled download. It always wants to start at 0.

However, there is a little trick: The tool is creating 2 directorys on the computer: "C:\$Windows.~WS\" and "C:\$Windows.~BT\".

Within the folder "C:\$Windows.~WS\Sources\Windows\sources", you can find a program file "setupprep.exe". With executing this file, the tool should go on from the point at which the process was stopped instead of beginning from the start.

Keep in mind that the folders might be invisible.

Perhaps, in your case this will be sufficient to start the installation at this point without downloading all files again, if your download was complete. In this case, the tool will surely know whether all things have been downloaded correctly.
2015-09-06 at 16:07

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