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Windows: How to make Hibernation available

On many computers that I have put into operation so far, it was initially not possible to hibernate the computer using the default configuration of...

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Put Windows via Script into Hibernation or Sleep Mode

In this tutorial, we want to look at how we can put our Windows computer either into its hibernation state or in its sleep mode by using a script...

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Windows: How to turn off Clicking Sounds when changing Folders

Each time I open a new folder in Windows Explorer there is a horrible click sound! This is driving me crazy! These clicking noises are unbearable,...

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Batch Script: Delete Files from Folder not in another Folder

I found this on the web but it does the opposite of what it says. It deletes files that match. Can anyone help? I use the following to compare...

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Windows: I can not change the extension of a file

I would like to create a batch script on Windows with the file extension BAT. For this, I first created a simple text file (TXT), whose extension I...

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Windows: File extensions are not displayed anymore

I reinstalled Windows on my computer and suddenly all endings of my files disappeared! As it seems to me, the endings are still there, but apparently...

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Stefan Trost: Since the parameter t has to be equal to zero to get a demand respectively to prevent the forced closing of programs, you can do the following, for...

Tutorial | Windows Batch Script: Computer Shutdown

Guest: Is there any possibility to call shutdown.exe on a modern Windows in such a way that, despite a defined time delay (i.e. parameter t > 0),...

Tutorial | Windows Batch Script: Computer Shutdown

NetLabel: Yes, the click sound can easily be switched off in the Windows system settings. You can find the settings for this in the dialog "Sound": Open the...

Question | Windows: How to turn off Clicking Sounds when changing Folders

Guest: Are you sure this is the full script? There are some brackets missing. And why are the two lines in the last if condition the same? What if you...

Question | Batch Script: Delete Files from Folder not in another Folder

Guest: You could also do that as an example: @echo off @echo Hello timeout 7 The command "timeout" will then stop the script for the specified time...

Question | Batch-Script: CMD Window should remain open after Program Run

Steinlaus: @echo off programm1.exe parameter1 parameter2 | pause programm2.exe parameter1...

Question | Batch Script: Start program and wait until it is finished

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