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Windows: How to turn off Clicking Sounds when changing Folders

Each time I open a new folder in Windows Explorer there is a horrible click sound! This is driving me crazy! These clicking noises are unbearable,...

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Batch Script: Delete Files from Folder not in another Folder

I found this on the web but it does the opposite of what it says. It deletes files that match. Can anyone help? I use the following to compare...

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Windows: I can not change the extension of a file

I would like to create a batch script on Windows with the file extension BAT. For this, I first created a simple text file (TXT), whose extension I...

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Windows: File extensions are not displayed anymore

I reinstalled Windows on my computer and suddenly all endings of my files disappeared! As it seems to me, the endings are still there, but apparently...

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How to recover Windows 7 password

My kid changed the admin password of my computer and we lost access to it because my kid can't remember the password clearly. I have a lot of...

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Where is the StartUp Folder in Windows 7?

In old Windows versions like Windows 95 or Windows XP, there was a so-called StartUp Folder that could easily be accessed via the start menu. After...

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NetLabel: Yes, the click sound can easily be switched off in the Windows system settings. You can find the settings for this in the dialog "Sound": Open the...

Question | Windows: How to turn off Clicking Sounds when changing Folders

Guest: Are you sure this is the full script? There are some brackets missing. And why are the two lines in the last if condition the same? What if you...

Question | Batch Script: Delete Files from Folder not in another Folder

Guest: You could also do that as an example: @echo off @echo Hello timeout 7 The command "timeout" will then stop the script for the specified time...

Question | Batch-Script: CMD Window should remain open after Program Run

Steinlaus: @echo off programm1.exe parameter1 parameter2 | pause programm2.exe parameter1...

Question | Batch Script: Start program and wait until it is finished

Guest: Thank you, Bro. This has really worked. My keyboard really have some...

Question | Windows Explorer: Double-Click opens Properties-Dialog

Guest: I've used this with mixed results: (mixed because I've had both complete and partial results, and I've tried with and without the quotes, and also...

Question | Batch Script: Delete File if it exists

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