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Windows: Restore Default ZIP Shortcut

Question by Mandy | 2014-04-24 at 19:11

Unfortunately, I have installed the WinRAR application on my computer again and this software has linked all ZIP-archives on my computer with it. Some time ago, this also happened with 7-Zip and some other programs.

However, I would like to open the ZIP-Files with the Windows Explorer again. Just as a normal folder or directory and not with opening any external application. In other words just like it was before or the default state after Windows was installed.

Is there any possibility to restore the old default shortcut for ZIP-Folder or do I have to install Windows again?

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Of course, it is possible to restore the old file linkage for ZIP archives. Just follow the following steps.

  1. Right click on any ZIP-Folder on your computer.
  2. In the context menu opening, select "Open with" and "Choose Program"
  3. A new window opens in which you can select an application that should be used for opening this file type.
  4. Depending on your Windows version select "Windows-Explorer" or "Explorer" from the provided programs. If there is no such entry in the list, click on "Browse" and choose the program "explorer.exe" from the directory "C:\Windows".
  5. At the bottom, the option "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" should be activated.
  6. In a final step, click on "OK" to confirm the changes.

Now it should work like before.
2014-04-26 at 12:26

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