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Lose weight without Yo-Yo-Effect - How to avoid gaining weight again after diet?

Question by Guest | 2013-04-20 at 22:45

Up to now, I have gone through several diets. Loosing weight was more or less successful, but I am the typical victim of the yo-yo effect! Shortly after reaching my desired weight, I had the old kilos back on my hips again!

Hence my question: How can I avoid or even prevent the feared yo-yo effect of dieting and how can I maintain my weight in the long run instead of fluctuating constantly and increasing again after some time? Thanks for any tip, in the end, I really would like to achieve my long term dream figure.

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First of all, you need to understand why the yo-yo effect occurs at all:

When we put our bodies on a diet, we are signaling our body that we are in a case of emergency. That is just like a period in the Stone Age in which people where starving. In this period, automatically, the human being decreases its metabolic rate in order to be able to survive.

In the first time after stopping the diet, the body is remaining in its state of a low basal metabolic rate so that the body is requiring less energy than before.

And, as soon as we get more energy as an input, than we consume, we are gaining weight. And that is exactly what we do when we go back to our old eating habits. This automatically means that we are putting on weight.

Now, we have several possibilities of what we can do: the best is to avoid radical diets or eating nothing at all (because that exacerbates the emergency situation). Instead, it is better to do sport (because its burning energy and the more muscles you have, the more energy you are burning even at a resting state) and to switch to a healthier nutrition (also in long term).

With doing sport and a balanced nutrition, the weight is falling by itself - and all without any yo-yo effect.

Edit: Since this topic is a little bit more complex than I can write in a short comment, I have written an article about 10 powerful and helpful tips concerning the yo-yo effect. This article is a separate compilation of what you can do to avoid getting over weighted again after a diet.
2013-04-23 at 19:59

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