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Tip: Untangle Cable

Tip by Mopsi99 | 2012-02-23 at 12:05

Today I will give you a helpful tip to untangle cables, for example, cables of headphones or from any other device.

Who does not know it? The headphone cables are lying confused in the pocket and have rolled themselves. If you want to use them now, they are constantly trying to return to the same starting position and they always are curling again. There seems to be a magical force in the cables, so that they want to roll back again and again.

But the situation is not hopeless, just use the following trick! Hold the cable fixed at one end and let the cable hang down (if necessary and the cables are too long, you have to go up on a chair for it). At the lower end of the cable there should be something heavyweight (for example, such as the weight of the headphones).

Now the headphones or the weight should begin to rotate with the cable. Wait until the headset has calmed down, then you can use the cable again, and everything is as before! It's that simple!


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