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Are there any friendships between men and women possible?

Voting by Laura89 | 2016-10-25 at 18:11

An old topic with different opinions. Is there any kind of friendship between men and women or boys and girls possible in any way? Or is it always resulting in some kind of relationship (at least from one site)?

Vote Pro for yes (if you think it is possible) and Contra for no (if in your opinion a men-women-friendship it is not possible) and discuss with me!


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Contra: In my opinion, such a friendship is not imaginable!

Maybe, some people have some kind of wishful thinking about this issue, but from my experiences, I can say that there was always one part falling in love into the other part after some time no matter what has been discussed before! And you can really imagine the stress resulting from this situation if the other part do not follow those feelings.
2016-10-25 at 20:52

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Pro: I actually have a very good buddy, I will never start something with him! We are real best friends and it is working like that for a while!

I think that a friendship between the genders is possible!
2019-10-27 at 22:05

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Contra: Men and women are indeed made for a sexual relationship! What about evolution? Do man-woman-friendships make any sense in evolution?! I think not! I am against it, it is not real possible!
2019-10-28 at 22:13

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Oh, please take care about all of that feminists today when talking like that! I really do not want such a discussion again!
2020-06-29 at 17:35

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Regarding the question: I almost always had women as bosses and we got along very well.

Especially because of my passion for high heels, I had and have more friendly contacts with women...
2020-08-10 at 09:33

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