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Can Women also wear Jeans from the Meanswear Department?

Question by Guest | 2015-01-18 at 18:39

I have a question that is probably somewhat embarrassing. I am female, but I am considering to buy a pair of jeans for men for me.

The reason is that most jeans you can get for women these days have a large percentage of stretch and I would like to have a jeans completely without stretch, just cotton fabric. I like the stronger feeling and in my opinion, jeans without stretch are looking better.

Now, unfortunately, I can only find those jeans in the men's department. Do you think that it could be a problem to go there? Or do you think people are laughing at me when wearing those pants for men?

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I think, if there is a man going out wearing a typical woman's jeans, perhaps someone would look weird. However, the other way around, I do not see a problem at all. Finally, today, women can wear almost everything and people will hardly notice a difference.

There is not the typical men's jeans and pants for men are usually fairly neutral so that no one will see that it is a jeans for men.

Even if you are buying the jeans in a quiet tight fit, probably no one will think that would be a man's pants. And even if, in the time of boyfriend jeans, nobody will be surprised about it anymore. 
2015-01-18 at 22:21

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