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What is your favorite pet?

Voting by Supergirl | 2020-08-14 at 18:28

Would be interesting to know which of these animals you find the best. Personally, I'm for cats as well as guinea pigs (I Have both).


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Guinea Pigs / Rabbits
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Turtles / Fishes
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Snakes / Spiders

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I think it always depends on your personal character or your own preferences.

For example, you can only really have a dog as a pet if you can and want to find the time to go out with the dog.

Fishes on the other hand are quite easy to care for and even feeding can be left to an automatic feeder, so keeping them is hardly any work.

Therefore, I think that every person has their own personal pet that suits them best.

You also have to consider whether you live in an apartment or in the country, have a garden or have children, for example. All of this should also play a role in the decision.
2020-08-14 at 19:02

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Guinea Pigs / Rabbits: Personally, I think pets are best when you can cuddle with them or when they look cute. Therefore, for me, only cats or guinea pigs come into question.

Fishes that are only in the aquarium, budgies that flutter around or snakes and spiders that are poisonous are therefore out of the question for me. You can cuddle with dogs, but they stink too much and I don't feel like going for a walk every day.
2020-08-15 at 15:55

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