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FasterFiles Release

Blog by Stefan Trost | 2016-03-19 at 15:21

The first plans for Faster Files already were in 2014, the development started in 2015, the tests took place up to now. Now the time has come: We finally welcome FasterFiles also officially as a new product in our application portfolio.

Faster Files makes it possible to create systemwide keyboard shortcuts on your computer and to execute arbitrary actions and action lists with them. Each HotKey can assigned multiple action lists consisting of arbitrary actions in an arbitrary order.

There are actions with which you can copy, move, open, rename and delete files, folders or folder contents, you can create new folders or text files, you can work with the clipboard, you can open websites, execute external programs and much more.

The strength of Faster Files is that you can include the open Explorer window into your actions and that actions can refer to each other, for example to use the last processed file within the next action. Even the usage of placeholders - for example for the current date - is possible in all commands. By these means, you are able to create completely variable action lists without knowing the names of files or folders before.

FasterFiles is now available for download on sttmedia.com.


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