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Filelist Creator: Artiste manque des lettres

Hello, I put MP3s in the filelist creator software. The problem is that I want to keep only the artists name, but some letters are missing. Do you...

Tutorial | 1 Comment

DVB-T and DVB-C compatiablity

Can a DVB-T2 receiver read signals comming from a Cable Network provider, or do I have to have a DVB-C Receiver to see the...

Open Question | 1 Answer

How to change the Display of the Time Line

The time line at the bottom of the screen has changed to the countdown method. I do not like the countdown method. How do I change the time display...

Open Question | 1 Answer

Will newspaper die in our life?

As we all know that internet breaks the boundary in the long distance. We can communicate with people who live far away conveniently. We can do all...

Open Question | 2 Answers

Who is Thorsten Schröder?

Can you tell me who Thorsten Schröder is? Can you tell me who Thorsten Schröder...

Open Question | 1 Answer

Which female name does not exist as title of a magazine?

A perhaps not quite serious meant question. Whenever I walk by the shelves of newspapers and magazines in any supermarket - and even worse are the...

Open Question | 1 Answer

New Answers and Comments

Stefan Trost: Some letters compared to what? How is your file list looking and how do you expect it to look? Please give an...

Tutorial | Filelist Creator: Artiste manque des lettres

Guest: No. Today not all people can afford or work with Internet. It's mostly poor and old people that don't have access, so newspapers and books will not...

Question | Will newspaper die in our life?

Guest: You said you couldn't imagine Cartman without a hat in the summer. How about seeing Cartman wearing no shirt in the summer. LOL I think there...

Question | South Park: Why is there always snow in South Park?

Technokrat: Unfortunately, you are not telling us what program or device you are using. If it is a computer program, usually you have to click with your mouse on...

Question | How to change the Display of the Time Line

Technokrat: You have to buy a DVB-C Receiver. DVB-T2 receiver are for terrestrial television brodcast, not for receiving over a cable...

Question | DVB-T and DVB-C compatiablity

Max Benwer: That's a good question and in the long run, the answer to that question is yes, in my opinion. However, I'm consciously saying "in the...

Question | Will newspaper die in our life?

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