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Short Hair = Lesbian?

Up to now, I have been wearing very long hair all of my life. At some point I just got bored and I thought about cutting my hair...

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Should I shave my legs as a man?

That shaved legs of women and girls are looking better than stubble and uncontrolled hair growth is out of question. However,...

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Does hair become more dense with often haircuts?

From year to year my hair is growing thinner and lighter. Now I have heard that the hair is becoming more dense, the more often...

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Is hair growing faster when it is cut often?

An often believed and persistent myth surrounding the growth of hair is the fact that hair will...

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How quick is hair growing?

Often, it is the question of how fast actually hair grows or regrows after the hair has been...

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Hair coloring from black to blond - is that possible?

About 3 weeks ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life! I dyed my beautiful hair to black! With my first look in the mirror at...

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SillyGirl: Maybe just mark it off as an experiment. See how your environment reacts and if you can handle it. Especially when the others got used to a...

Question | Short Hair = Lesbian?

Queen90: Well, whether you wear your hair short or long, is of course only a matter of taste and therefore has nothing to do with "lesbian"....

Question | Short Hair = Lesbian?

Interest: Some men also have to shave their legs because of their sports. Examples are, for example, swimmers or cyclists. In that case, the men may...

Question | Should I shave my legs as a man?

Queen90: I do not think it's bad, but I do not think it's male either. What I find even worse are these extreme hair masses that...

Question | Should I shave my legs as a man?

Laura89: Shaved male legs do not look masculine at all. I would always think that I have a woman there in front of me. Especially this smooth...

Question | Should I shave my legs as a man?

Shop Me: Please dear men, stay men! You do not have to copy everything that the media tell you or what your girlfriend does in the bathroom in the...

Question | Should I shave my legs as a man?

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Short Hair = Lesbian?

Open Question | 2 Answers

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