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Short Hair = Lesbian?

Question by Guest | 2018-03-05 at 22:57

Up to now, I have been wearing very long hair all of my life. At some point I just got bored and I thought about cutting my hair a little bit shorter. I did not talk to anyone about it, it was just an idea.

Now I've been to the hairdresser and I do not know what rode me there, but I spontaneously decided to cut my hair very very short. The hair stylist even encouraged me to make the hair much shorter than I actually imagined.

In the hair salon, I was exuberantly praised for my courage and great hairstyle and I also liked my new hairstyle in the salon pretty well.

I proudly drove to a meeting with my friends, my current boyfriend was there, too. I had thought that I would receive equally positive reactions there, but that was not the case at all.

My boyfriend even did not find any words anymore, suddenly he wa a completely different person and said that he has to think it all over again now, he can not handle this new situation. My friends were horrified and could not believe it. Again and again, the word "lesbian", "lesbian style" or "lesbian look" was in the room. A real woman has to wear long hair and so on. Am I no longer a woman? Or at least no hetero-woman anymore? Are short hair wearers really lesbian? And what should I do now?

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Well, whether you wear your hair short or long, is of course only a matter of taste and therefore has nothing to do with "lesbian". Although many lesbians may prefer shorter hair, one can not generalize, because there are also lesbians with longer hair or vice versa.

Even if it is stupid for you, of course, I can withstand your circle of friends and especially your boyfriend. You have a certain image for those with you surround yourself and somehow you get certainly defined over your friends as well. That would be the same if one of your friends suddenly appeared as a punk. You would probably be irritated at first. But if this friend does this over time, you get used to it.

Maybe, your boyfriend is also liking your long hair (or better "has liked") and then of course it's a big blow for him to have to see you without that beautiful hair, he liked so much.
2018-03-06 at 20:40

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Maybe just mark it off as an experiment. See how your environment reacts and if you can handle it. Especially when the others got used to a new hairstyle.

Otherwise, there are still extensions as the last way out.
2018-03-07 at 01:44

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