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Hair coloring from black to blond - is that possible?

Question by Guest | 07/09/2012 at 16:14

About 3 weeks ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life! I dyed my beautiful hair to black! With my first look in the mirror at home, I realized, that this color does not suit to me and my skin type!

Well, I thought, I will get used to it at some point, and then, it will be okay. However, now, 3 weeks have passed and nothing fits and nothing is okay! I just do not want it anymore, black does not suit to me, I am looking ridiculous and I want nothing more, than to have my blond hair back.

The problem: It is said, that from black hair to blonde, that is not a good idea, that can not go well, the hair will become orange or whatever. But I want to! What can I do? Is there any chance for me? I really do not want it more... 



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You have to be very careful! If you color all of your hair at once radical and to the highest blond, it may happen, that your hair will be so damaged, that it becomes brittle and fails under certain circumstances! Also, your doubts with the orange color can happen!

What you can do, is dyeing the hair gradually through highlights brighter and brighter in shades. That means: go to the coiffeur, let yourself make a few highlights, then, after some days, go back to the sallon and give your hair another few highlights and so on to get brighter and brighter slowly! That may take up to 3 months to half a year, until you're back at your beloved color! But it should be worth the time, to not screw up everything!
08/09/2012 at 23:32

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You really have to be very very careful! If you want to have your blond hair immediately, you can actually make it quite crass and bleach everything at once! The problem: I take no responsibility in what condition your hair will be after that. It certainly depends on how the hair was before and how extreme it was broken.

Actually, the highlights method as described by Lily would be a better idea. Or you can try a slight blond bleach wash, that needs to be done very carefully, however. With this, the complete hair becomes a certain shade lighter, but you need to make it a few more times until the hair has turned blond.

Important in any case: the right hair care! Let give you a deep conditioner cure from your haircutter and take some products from him for your home, so that the hair does not suffer too much! Unfortunately, this will be forgotten far too often!
11/09/2012 at 13:03

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To come back to your natural hair color, you can also make a color proof. This can be carried out by your hairdresser and there are also packages for your home. The meaning of the color proof is to take all the artificial pigments out from the hair, while the natural pigments are to be preserved (for the most part).

This is not quite as pernicious as the bleaching and should also help. However, the color proof is not absolutely safe for the hair and, as always, it can be, that some color pigments will remain in your hair, and with this, again, your hair possibly get some shimmer to the red or orange.
12/09/2012 at 23:00

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