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Difference between pesticide, fungicide and herbicide
What is actually the difference between pesticides, fungicides and herbicides? All of these things seem to be poisons, but what...
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The first 100,000 Digits of Pi
I have often been asked the question, how many decimal places Pi actually has. The answer is: Pi is an irrational number and...
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How many decimal places does Pi have?
When entering the number Pi in my pocket calculator, I exactly get 9 decimal places displayed (3,141592654). Recently, my teacher...
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Convert Fractions into Percentages
I have to convert some fractions to their corresponding percentages for a piece of homework. The task is for example that...
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What is the number Pi written out completely?
Recently, we have started using the number Pi in our mathematics lessons, for example to be able to calculate the circumference...
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Determine Median for even Number of Values
Usually, you are determining the median by sorting the values according to their size and the median is just the middle value...
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Hungry for Knowledge: The ending -cide comes from the Latin word caedere (to kill). The word beginning indicates what is killed in detail. ...
Question | Difference between pesticide, fungicide and herbicide
Square: Writing out pi completely with all of its decimal places is impossible according to the current state of science. The reason is that the...
Question | What is the number Pi written out completely?
Square: Pi is an irrational number, thereby it is endless and infinite long. Therefore, no one can tell you an exact number of decimal places for...
Question | How many decimal places does Pi have?
Square: That is quite easy: percent means nothing else than "per 100". Accordingly, 1 percent is 1 per 100 or in writing of fractions 1/100. So,...
Question | Convert Fractions into Percentages
Science5000: Normally, the median for an even number of values is the average (arithmetic mean) of both middle values. So, in your case for...
Question | Determine Median for even Number of Values
Chematik: Computing the covariance and correlation (the covariance is embedded in the correlation formula) depends on the fact, that the measurements...
Question | Calculate Correlation or Covariance for non-equal Sample Sizes

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What is a light year?
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