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Pipette: Hide Splash Screen

I like Pipette, it is also the only program that can convert RGB values into percentages. Is there a way to get rid of the picture that is displayed...

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Pipette: Fetch Colors from all over the Screen

Using the tool Pipette for Windows and Linux, it is possible to fetch and determine each color from your screen, for example for using it in some...

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Pipette: Get Colors from multiple Monitors

I am using the tool Pipette to be able to pick up a color from an arbitrary place of my screen. Unfortunately, it seems as that is only possible on...

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Color Values: Convert RGB, CMYK, CMY, HSV, TColor and XYZ Values

Sometimes, it is necessary to converter a color value into another color value. For example a RGB value into a CMY value or a CMYK color value into a...

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Stefan Trost: Just click on the splash screen with the mouse and the splash screen will be...

Question | Pipette: Hide Splash Screen

Stefan Trost: In the menu "Settings > General", you can find some options with which you can change the mode of the Pipette. Using the mode "Click - Move Mouse...

Question | Pipette: Get Colors from multiple Monitors

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Pipette: Hide Splash Screen

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