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Replace multi-line Texts in Text Files

In all text editors I know, the "search and replace" function can unfortunately only be used with a single line of text, since the associated text...

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Save each Line of a Text File as an own File

I have several long text files, whose lines I would like to save individually as new files. Accordingly, the text of each individual line of each...

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Show Playing Time of Videos with or without Seconds in File List

I would like to create lists of my video files that contain not only the name of the videos but also their duration in addition to the name. So far,...

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Remove Spaces from the Beginning and End of the Lines of Texts

Imagine you have texts or text files with lines that sometimes start or end with one or more spaces or tabs. You would like to delete this whitespace...

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Newly added Fonts in PrintMyFonts

I have already printed the 831 fonts that I have. How would I go about printing fonts that I add to that...

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PrintMyFonts: Fonts not printing

When I go to print my fonts they do not show or print. Is there a reason why this might be? Is there a way to save a PDF file? I usual just print and...

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Stefan Trost: My old answer from 2016 referred to the current version of the TextConverter at that time. However, in the meantime, the program has changed a lot. ...

Question | Insert File Name at the beginning of each Line of a Text File

Stefan Trost: The program TextConverter offers this option. You can replace texts with several lines with the TextConverter in texts as well as in individual or...

Question | Replace multi-line Texts in Text Files

Stefan Trost: With the TextConverter, this task can be done easily and quickly. After you have opened one or more files, whose lines you want to save as...

Question | Save each Line of a Text File as an own File

Stefan Trost: The format of the playing time of video files (and also audio files) can be completely flexibly defined in the FilelistCreator. You can find the...

Question | Show Playing Time of Videos with or without Seconds in File List

Stefan Trost: In the latest version of the TextConverter, there is now the function "Add Lines" available for this task, which you can find in the line actions. ...

Question | Insert empty line into multiple text files

Stefan Trost: Update: The TextConverter has been further developed since my old answer and now contains a function with which this task can be carried out directly...

Question | Remove arbitrary Text up to certain Word from Text File

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Rename File to its Folder Name

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Program in ZIP-Folder

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