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Filelist Creator: More filter than one?

It is possible to put more than one word in Filter/Name entry...

Question | 1 Answer

Filelist Creator: File duration not working

Duration is not derived. Table shows Duration = 0 'File Information is being read out: Videos (0/133) ......'...

Question | 1 Answer

File Renamer: Where can I find the renamed files?

How do I save the files that have been renamed and where do I find them. My question concernes the ...

Question | 1 Answer

Missing Fonts? Maybe?

I manually printed every font in my Windows/font directory (and the variations listed as separate fonts) and ended up with 373...

Open Question | 1 Answer

PrintMyFonts: iPad Download

Can I use my iPad to download the fonts to print out? I appreciate you taking the time to answer. It would be so much...

Question | 1 Answer

add column

I need view the column version, but this is not appear in the program, appear name, format, type but version is...

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Stefan Trost: At the moment, this is not possible. But it would be a nice feature for a future version of the...

Question | Filelist Creator: More filter than one?

Stefan Trost: The best would be to send me such a video file that is not working. Then I can check what's going wrong there. You can contact me via...

Question | Filelist Creator: File duration not working

Stefan Trost: The File Renamer is directly working with the files you are adding to the program. That means, if you add a file to the File Renamer,...

Question | File Renamer: Where can I find the renamed files?

Stefan Trost: Update: The %0num% placeholder can be used in the File Renamer by now. Alongside, you can also placeholders like %00num%,...

Question | Placeholder %0num% in File-Renamer vs FileRenamer

Guest: Maybe you have some fonts in your list that are not printable. There are screen only and printable fonts, most fonts support both. When a...

Question | Missing Fonts? Maybe?

Stefan Trost: PrintMyFonts is a desktop tool and it is only available for Windows, macOS and Linux. You can download the program ...

Question | PrintMyFonts: iPad Download

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