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Filelist Creator: Column Width Adjustment?

I've attempted to search through the documentation, but I can't seen to find any way to adjust column width, specifically in the file name column....

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Move files using metadata when renaming

Hello Stefan, Thank you so much for ongoing improvement of FileRenamer! FileRenamer has some Mask Placeholders that allow using some of the file...

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Add leading Zeros to existing Numbers in File Names

Many programs have problems sorting file names if they contain numbers. You can prevent this by using leading zeros. Specifically, it's for example...

Question | 1 Answer

What's new in last 2023-04-23 version?

What's new in last 2023-04-23...

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Delete Columns in many CSV Files

I have a large amount of CSV files from which I want to delete a specific column. Of course, I could open each individual file in Excel or...

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Schedule FilelistCreator

I would like to schedule FileCreator in order to create every day a XLSX list. Is it...

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Stefan Trost: You mean for the Search Folders...

Question | Program freezes/stalls -- too much data?

Guest: I've seen this "It depends." answer in other questions. Is possible in a future version there could be a User input allowing us to...

Question | Program freezes/stalls -- too much data?

Stefan Trost: We are talking about the column width used in the export format or in the file list? If it is about the export format, which export format are we...

Question | Filelist Creator: Column Width Adjustment?

Stefan Trost: Yes, I also think that this is interesting, but maybe better in another independent program, it could be called "FileSorter" or something like that....

Question | Move files using metadata when renaming

BANANAKID: Hello, Stefan! I have thought about my proposal more. I agree with you this may be out of the scope of the FileRenamer in it's current state....

Question | Move files using metadata when renaming

Stefan Trost: I have to think about that, but at a first glance, I think that fits little to this program. It's a renaming software and not a file sorter, maybe...

Question | Move files using metadata when renaming

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