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Difference between Performance Index and Price Index
I have seen that there are two different stock indices for the DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex, German Stock Index). On the on...
Question | 1 Answer
Why are BP and Shell not listed in the Euro Stoxx 50?
I had a look at the stock index EuroStoxx 50 today and I was surprised that the two large oil companies BP and Shell seems not to...
Question | 1 Answer
Pension Insurance: Difference between PAYG and Capital Covered Insurances
Different pension insurances are based on different models. There is a big difference between PAYG (pay as you go) and funded...
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Online Compound Interest Calculator
How will my capital develop when investing it with a particular interest? This question is answered by our compound interest...
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Trademark Registration: Create List of Goods and Services with the Goods & Services Manager
Today, I have a little tip for all of you who are about to register a trademark and want to create the list of goods and...
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Terms and Conditions: What are negative data?
In a contract (Terms of Service) I've read that I will allow the firm in question to pass so-called negative data to related...
Question | 1 Answer

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Never Rich Enough: Both the performance index and the price index contain the same 30 shares. However, there is a difference in the calculation: ...
Question | Difference between Performance Index and Price Index
Never Rich Enough: The EuroStoxx 50 share index includes the 50 largest listed companies that are located in the Euro-zone. Both, BP and Royal Dutch...
Question | Why are BP and Shell not listed in the Euro Stoxx 50?
Consumer: In principle, negative data is all data about actions by customers, which the company does not like, such as data about an illiquidity, an...
Question | Terms and Conditions: What are negative data?
Consumer: This additional input field is a safety feature. Many computers are infected with viruses, that record all key presses on the keyboard and...
Question | Online Banking: Why is there also the ability to enter numbers with the mouse?
Never Rich Enough: Stock spam has nothing to do with the amount of shares that someone pours into the market. Instead of that, in this case, spam is meant in...
Question | What is Stock Spam?
Never Rich Enough: There are two solutions for this dilemma: either you change your bank and you go to a bank, which is charging the fees only once per...
Question | How can I avoid partial executions in the stock market?

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