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Are there no Cents in Norway and Sweden?

Question by Guest | 2014-09-24 at 23:00

Not long ago, I was on a trip through Scandinavia. Apart from the stunning landscape, I was also surprised by the prices.

All prices in the shops were smooth numbers with no decimal places. The same was even with the coins: the smallest coin seems to be a Norwegian Krone (NOK) and a Swedish Krona (SEK), so there were no cents or something like that.

Was it just coincidence or do you really never calculate with amounts below 1 Crown in Norway and Sweden? So, are there even no cent coins available at all? The conversion to Euro is about 1:9 - therefore 1 Krone is just about 0.10 Euro and therefore is laying in the Cents. So, perhaps Cents are not necessary there.

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In fact, currently, the 1 Krone coin is the smallest coin in Scandinavia. However, in former times, there were smaller coins available. In Scandinavia, the hundredth part of a Krone is called Øre or Öre instead of Cent.

In Norway, there were 50 Øre coins until May 1, 2012. In Sweden, where you are writing "Öre", the 50-Öre coins were valid until September 30, 2010.

Instead of those coins, it is now rounded or the price is not labeled with any decimal places at all. This is the case in most instances and shops.

Of course, there are also prices with decimal places even today. For example at petrol stations, where also in the Euro area often prices below 1 Cent are used (those prices are rounded at the checkout counter).

Also in the banking sector (savings, stocks, etc.), there are still decimal places used in Scandinavia. But no more when talking about cash.

You do not have asked for Denmark (Danish Krone), but there are still coins available today, worth 50 Øre. Until October 1, 2008 there was even a 25 Øre coin available there. 
2014-09-26 at 15:10

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