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Why is milk white?

Question by Guest | 2017-09-28 at 22:08

I am drinking milk in large quantities every day and night. Now, I am sitting with my glass of milk on my beautiful terrace, like other people are doing with their red wine and I'm wondering why my milk is just white and not transparent, yellow or what ever color else.

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This has to do with molecules. In milk, there are many fats and proteins, which are all molecules.

These molecules are not water-soluble and therefore do not mix. Those undissolved bullets respectively molecules break the light and so it looks as if milk is white.

As an experiment, you can leave your milk standing for some time, then the molecules will settle down so that you can see that the other part is clear water.

I wish you a good thirst! Cheers!
2017-09-29 at 21:02

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