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Compost: May I throw citrus fruits or bananas on the compost heap?

Question by Guest | 2019-03-09 at 11:41

We are processing a small compost pile in our garden on which we throw our garden and kitchen waste. We use the compost as fertilizer for our small garden and for the flowers.

I have recently argued with my husband about whether to throw citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges or even bananas on the compost.

He thinks that one should not do that. What do you all mean?

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The problem with citrus fruits, bananas or other fruits and vegetables that have traveled far around the world is that the shells are mostly sprayed. And these substances are poison for the compost!

Therefore, you should only put such waste on the compost if you are 100% sure that the fruit is untreated.

If you know that, you can free of worries throw the fruits on the compost. But most of the fruits that you can buy in the supermarket are unfortunately treated with poisons.
2019-03-09 at 23:01

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