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Does pre-sleeping make any sense?

Question by Post Doc | 2012-03-16 at 14:39

Often, I know in advance, that I will find little sleep in one night, because I will be awake long and still has to get up early. Now, I wonder, if it brings something to go to bed earlier before (for example, in the afternoon) in order to virtually sleep in reserve.

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No, although that would be nice, that unfortunately brings nothing. More likely, it will lead to the fact, that in the pre-sleeping night, you will also sleep poorly.

The only thing, that can help, is to catch up the sleep. Thereby, it is not important, just to get back the hours that you've missed. It is just enough if you are sleeping one to two hours longer the next day.

While this is not nearly as good as if you regularly get enough sleep, you can at least compensate your lack of sleep a bit.
2012-03-17 at 14:48

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You can not pre-sleep, you can only catch up sleeping. Just try to sleep quite normal, that's the best. Neither sleeping too long nor sleeping to short is healthy.
2012-03-17 at 23:51

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From my own experience, I can say: the only thing that does it, is, that it totally messes up your rhythm. Rather, as the others have said, try to sleep a little longer the NEXT day. Everything else will only cause that your sleep rhythm will get confused and in the long run, you will only sleep even worse.
2012-03-19 at 23:16

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