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How much does a referee earn at the World Cup?

Question by Supermausi | 2018-01-07 at 14:30

Everyone knows that footballers are earning huge sums for their game. But what about the income of the referees at the Soccer World Cup? Do they also earn so much money, or do they just watch the high earners kicking and go out almost empty?

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How it looks at this year's World Cup, I do not know. I only heard about the World Cup 2006 on the radio, I do not know if the salaries for referees have risen since then.

At that time, there was a representation allowance of $40,000 (33,000€) for each referee and referee assistant to participate in the World Cup, regardless of whether the referee was used or only held as a substitute. In total, there were 3.6 million euros spend for the 23 referees and referee assistants during that World Cup.

Even the referees and assistants who were not present at the World Cup and made it to the final round of the preselection, got at least 16,500 euros for their "efforts".
2017-01-08 at 10:51

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