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World Cup Winner twice in a Row

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Was there ever a country or a team that actually succeeded in becoming winner of the football / soccer World Cup twice consecutively?

I mean the situation that the current title holder could win the World Cup again and became world champion twice in a row?

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So far, this has occurred only twice in football history.

Here are the teams and years:

  • Italy: World Cup Winner 1934 and 1938
  • Brazil: World Cup Winner 1958 and 1962

Only Italy and Brasil have managed to become World Champion twice in succession and could defend their title successfully.

However, it has happened more often that a defending champion reached the finals at the next World Cup, but made only the second place:

  • Argentina (World Cup Winner 1986, second place 1990)
  • Brazil (World Cup Winner 1994, second place 1998)
  • France (World Cup Winner 2018, second place 2022)

And even more often, it has happened that the title holder was already knocked out in the first round of the World Cup.

Incidentally, 7 Italian players played both, in 1934 and 1938, in the final. On the other hand, in 1958 and 1962, there were only 2 players from the Brazilian team, which not only participate in the Championships but also stood on the court in both World Cup finals. The names of the players and more about that can be read in the question about which players have already won the Football World Cup several times.
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