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Football/Soccer World Cup Champion as Player and as Coach

Question by Barbell78

Has there ever been a person who succeeded in both, becoming winner of the football/soccer World Cup as player as well as coach?

Of course, I am not speaking of the same year. I mean any man who has become World Cup Champion as player with his own country during one World Cup and becoming winner with his team as a coach a few years later at another World Cup competition?

Was there ever a man like this in soccer history?

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In the whole history of football championships, only three people has reached that so far.

  • Franz Beckenbauer, Germany: World Champion as player at the World Cup 1974 and winner of the World Cup 1990 as coach
  • Mario Zagallo, Brazil: World Champion as player at the World Cup 1958 and winner of the World Cup 1970 as coach
  • Didier Deschamps, France: World Champion as player at the World Cup 1998 and winner of the World Cup 2018 as coach

It is not happening very often, that someone becomes World Cup Champion as soccer player as well as coach.
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