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How much water do we need per day?

Question by Post Doc | 2012-02-22 at 21:18

I was wondering, how much water the human body really requires per day. I have heard some people say, you would need 2 liters and others say you must drink 3 liters a day. But what is the correct amount or a recommendation?

Does anybody know anything accurate about it?

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You can not give a generalized answer to this question, because it depends on a number of points. For this reason, probably all people are telling something different, because their ideas are based on various assumptions.

First of all, of course, a body sweating alot, needs a lot more water than a body, that does not sweat. That means, you need more water than usual, when you go to sports, work hard physically and it is very hot outside and you are sweating because of these things.

In addition, you will also need more water, the higher weighted you are, as this simply increases your basal metabolic rate. Therefore, women need less water than men. In this context, I have heard of the rule of thumb, that per one kilogram body weight, you should drink 30 to 40 milliliters of water. Therefore, those with a 50 kg body weight need 2 liters, 75 kg people need 2.5 liters and people with 100 kg need 3 liters of water per day. That would again result in your 2 to 3 liters per day, of which you have spoken.

All in all, I would give you the following advice along the way: In general, you can adhere to the rule with the body weight. On days, when it is very hot or you are sweating anyway, you should increase the water consumption accordingly and when you do sports, you should drink a lot meanwhile to compensate the water loss.

Otherwise, I would try to listen to your body. If you have not forgotten it, he should already be a good guide to whether you are just thirsty or not.
2012-02-25 at 21:25

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Important in this context: Water is not just water, respectively, not every liquid, you are drinking is equally good!

Best is, you drink quite enough real water, apple juice or something similar is also okay.

Critically are all things such as Coke, Fanta and Co, because of their high sugar content. Coffee and alcohol are not helping and can not be added to the amount of water consumed, because by the fact, that the substances included in these drings are absorbing more liquid then delivering to the human body.
2012-02-27 at 12:14

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