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How to free my phone memory

Question by Guest | 2013-10-09 at 16:50

I have this small samsung android phone (galaxy gio GT S5660). I used to have like five pages of app menu but now i only have almost 3 pages, because it keep telling me low device memory dt i have to uninstall many app.

Now most of the application are factory installed only few that i downloaded and my phone memory is nearly full that i cannot install more app, and despite the fact that i have transfer all the downloaded app to my external SD card. pls help me on how to free my phone memory.

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Usually, the reason why there is less phone memory is because of lots of photos or videos or music files stored on the device. Apps, especially the pre-installed apps should not take that much memory.

You should go to "Settings > Storage" and have a look at the device memory overview to see which kind of files are causing the memory consumption. Also apps are listed here.

If the memory consumption is caused by audio or video files or photos, you have to delete some of them to free your memory. Of course, you should save them on your computer first.
2013-10-10 at 03:55

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Thank you for the help above. But vitually all my photos, vidios and music files are stored in my external SD card in the phone, so am wondering what else could have couse the memory shortage.
2013-10-10 at 12:29

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Have you had a look at the overview at "Settings > Storage". This overview should show where your memory has gone..

If you want you can post the results here, then I can tell you something about that.

Another reason could be that the applications have required to much memory in their cache. For example, you can empty the Google Maps cache. If you are storing offline cards (which actually is a wonderful function), this can consume lots of memory.
2013-10-10 at 16:02

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