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Inkjet Printer or Laser Printer - What is better?

Question by Guest | 2016-11-05 at 15:37

I want to purchase a new printer for my computer soon. Before selecting a suitable device, there is the fundamental question first: should I buy a laser printer or should I buy an ink-jet printer? What would you recommend for me?

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Which printer is better for you highly depends on how you want to use your printer.

A black and white laser printer is unbeatable if you want to print out many black and white pages (for example texts). With text, the printout usually is better with laser printers.

That looks quite different with photos. First, good color laser printers are still quite expensive today, secondly, even lower priced inkjet printers are providing a better image quality and color depth.

As for the cost, inkjet printers are quite cheap at their acquisition - however, it can quickly become costly when purchasing the original cartridges from the manufacturer. Indeed, laser printers and their corresponding cartridges are expensive. too - but they are holding for ages and therefore they are especially more favorable when printing very much.

In your position, I would recommend an inkjet printer if you are printing out a few images and pictures from time to time. However, if color printing is not that important for you and if you are mainly printing out texts, the laser printer is the best choice for you.
2016-11-06 at 15:31

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