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Laser Printer: What can I do to treat an irregular and streaky print?

Question by Florabella | 2013-11-10 at 15:47

I am using an Brother Laser Printer, with which I was always very satisfied. Now, apparently, the toner tends to its end, which is mainly noticeable by an irregular imprint on the paper.

At some positions, the print is still perfectly fine and clear but at other positions, you can see brighter and unclear stripes and there the color on the sheet lacks.

Unfortunately, at the moment I cannot immediately buy a new cartridge (weekend) and I do not have other printers. Is there a way with which I still can temporarily improve the print? At least for a certain time?

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In most cases, although there are already strips on the paper and the print is irregular, there is still enough toner left to print a few legible pages to some extent.

Just open the front of your printer and take out the drum unit in which the toner is set. After that, you can smoothly and carefully swing and shake the drum unit a little bit which is making the toner scattering better. This can improve the print quality.

But be careful, quickly it is happening that some toner trickles out of the drum unit. And it is hard to get it out of the clothes! Therefore, only try it on a pad that can get dirty without any problems!

Of course, this trick is not a miracle but maybe, it is keeping the toner a little longer.

Note: Another cause for the strips may be that the photo conductor unit (the role at the front of the drum unit) is dirty or broken and maybe need to to be replaced. In this case, of course, my advice does not help.
2013-11-10 at 16:33

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