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Is Sydney really not the capital of Australia?

Question by Guest | 05.03.2018 at 16:43

I had a discussion with my parents today, and my father was of the opinion that Sydney was not the capital of Australia. However, he also did not know what the true capital of Australia is, but he was pretty sure it was not Sydney.

There was quite a fight, my mother also said that Sydney must be the capital of Australia and I also thought that I have once heard that and learned it at school. What about this rumor?

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Just as you have argued and fought, the two largest cities in Australia Sydney (4.1 million inhabitants) and Melbourne (3.6 million inhabitants) have also debated which of the two cities could become the official capital of Australia.

And as it is in life: when two quarrel, the third is happy. And that was Canberra in this case.

Canberra was still a rural area at the beginning of the 20th century, located in the interior of Australia, 286 km from Sydney and 669 km from Melbourne. When the rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne became so dramatic that it was impossible for one of the two cities to accept the other as the capital, they started looking for a suitable alternative location.

The decision for Canberra was made in 1908. In 1911, there was then an international competition for the planning of the capital, after which the city was almost pulled out of nowhere as a small town on the drawing board on the flat land.
05.03.2018 at 19:46

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