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Why you should never write an e-mail using a Mac

Review by Mopsi99 | 2013-08-27 at 22:03

I tried it and I bitterly regretted it. Two whole hours of my life are fizzled out meaningless without having accomplished anything. And I have not slept or have been lazy in those hours! No, I was just trying to simply write an e-mail on an Apple Mac! But let me start at the beginning.

I have to say, I am not an Apple user, and previously, I had only heard that everything should be so simple and so intuitive on an Apple device. That is why, I have not thought about anything when I came up with the idea to use the Mac of a friend instead of driving home to use my own computer in order to write an e-mail. 

Proudly, she confided her device to me that was already turned on standing in front of me. The thing that first, I really had problems to come to the Internet, is another story. I cannot imagine anyone who wants to be secure on the Internet, thinking about a safari while surfing on the net! Finally, when going on a safari, you can never know where and when the safari ends and - ironically - exactly this happened to me.

Actually, I am the "computer expert" of us, but once again, I needed the help of my friend. She started my personal "safari" and again, I was alone in front of the Mac. I opened my webmail account, I logged on and I started to write a really long e-mail. I really put a lot of passion of mine into that mail and I was glad of some really well-done verbalizations!

After some time, the only thing missing was the subject and the recipient's e-mail address. But it should not come to the subject, also it was not possible to enter the domain of the main address, because apparently entering the @-sign has overstrained this lovely Mac! Without any demand and in a speed, I have never seen before, the complete Safari browser closed with all opened tabs automatically! My e-mail was gone, all the work for nothing! Safari over.

Horrified I probably have cried, because suddenly my friend was standing behind of me. She could tell me, what has happened to me: the familiar Windows shortcut ALT GR + Q with which you can write the @-sign is called "Forced Quit" around appleianers - it closes the program without any further question!

My Conclusion: Stay away from the Mac, I will stick with Windows! Until now, I had annoyed Windows dialogs like "Do you really want to close the application or do you want to save your work first?", now I love them! How can you include such a "feature" in an operating system? I do not know how many hours have gone around the world for no reason when using this key combination! Especially computer experts and ten finger writers are punished twice! Only one finger writers would have searched the whole keyboard for the @-character, this would not have happened to them! There you can see, for which Apple's devices are designed!

Thanks for reading. This text has helped me in some way to get over the frustration. 


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