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Lazarus: React to minimization of the application window

Question by Guest | 2015-03-22 at 17:55

I would like to execute some code whenever the user of my application is minimizing the program window. Unfortunately, I cannot find an appropriate event in the window properties (that is TForm). I have searched for something like OnMinimize or alike.

I have found a code for Delphi, but this code is working with Windows messages and I would like to live without them in my application.

Isn't there any simple way in Lazarus? Or do I have to deal with the messages provided by Windows?

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Your Form should provide the event OnFormWindowStateChange that is executed whenever something changes at the window (minimizing, maximizing, go back to the normal size).

In this procedure, you can just ask for the current state and execute your desired code:

procedure TForm1.FormWindowStateChange(Sender: TObject);
  if Form1.WindowState = wsMinimized then ...
  if Form1.WindowState = wsMaximized then ...
  if Form1.WindowState = wsNormal then ...

If the property WindowState of your form has the value wsMinimized, the window has just been minimized, if the property is wsMaximized, the window has just been maximized.
2015-03-23 at 15:29

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