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T-Shirt Colors at Bierkönig Majorca

Question by Guest | 2017-08-26 at 12:52

If you order 1 liter of beer or long drink at the Bierkönig on Mallorca / Ballermann, you get a paper with which you can pick up a T-shirt.

Yesterday I was there for the first time and somehow there was only white and black T-shirts to choose from. But I would like to have a red one. I asked the woman there at the counter, but they told me that there were only those colors to choose from.

Nevertheless, I have also seen other colors of shirts in the audience. How can that be? How can I get at those colors?

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The colors are constantly changing. Generally, there are always two shirts you can choose from, usually a shirt and a T-shirt in two different colors. Once the carton is empty, a carton of a new color is opened.

I was there for two weeks, in that time there was a different color every day, but I could not recognize a system.

Incidentally, the papers you get are not valid only on the day you bought your drink. You can also collect and slam the slips as soon as there is a color you want. This is how I usually do it, and then I have all the colors together after my holiday.
2017-08-26 at 22:20

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