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Tomato Juice on the Plane - Just a Myth?

Question by Trip To Paradise | 2012-11-25 at 20:15

For some people, air travel and a tomato juice drink are inextricably linked together. Often, I hear that the pressed juice from tomatoes tastes much better high above the clouds than on the ground. Even people who are otherwise never drinking juice are reporting that tomato juice on the plane is a pleasure. Pure imagination or is there something to it?

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I have heard that too many times. But I seem to be the exception. I do not like that gear at all and also a plane can not change this fact.

However, I have already tried to drink it in the air. Too nasty. But I must admit that I have been hoping for more. I have ordered a glass of tomato juice to try it out. As many times as I have heard that the juice should taste delicious above the clouds, I thought there would be something to it.

I just think the rumor is keeping itself and many people think that it just has to taste. And this is resulting in the imagination that it's true.
2012-11-26 at 19:09

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Supposedly the subject actually has a scientific basis. The argument of the researchers: at high altitudes, there is a different air pressure than down here. This should cause that we are tasting less intense, our taste buds are damped. As a result, many things are tasting not as good as on the ground.

However, the intense fruity flavor of tomato juice is so strong that it leads to a taste experience despite the damping. For many people, the tomato juice tastes too strong on the ground, but in the air, the damping makes it bearable. And that leads to the popularity of tomato juice in contrast to other beverages.

For this reason, allegedly, some airlines even gone over to spice up their food stronger - to compensate for the loss of taste.
2012-11-27 at 21:59

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This is really and interesting issue. Apparently, it seems to apply to some people and to others not. To get closer to this, I have set up a small voting on this topic: Vote - Is tomato juice tasting better in the air than on the ground?
2013-01-25 at 16:37

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On my last trip, I saw that many have ordered salt and pepper to the tomato juice. Presumably, only this combination is making the better taste. You should try it during your next flight.
2013-01-26 at 02:43

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