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Water does not taste good to me! What can I do?

Question by Guest | 2012-05-17 at 10:53

I have a little problem. I hope you can understand that. Namely, I do not like water, it does not taste me!

I know, water is healthy and all (including my doctor) are telling me, that I should drink more water. But somehow, I can not get the stuff down, at least not much of it.

Otherwise, I am always dring only fanta, coke and lemonade, but that it can not be permanent. I want to lose weight, too. Can someone show me a trick?

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It is no wonder, that to you no water tastes. Your taste buds are simply accustomed to the whole extreme tastes of the suggar waters! If you drink every day only alcohol, beer, sodas and colas, your taste buds deaden over the time.

This makes the water become bland and tasteless for you over the time and you do not like it any more. This is completely normal. You react practically positive only to sweet (all the sugar drinks) and bitter (coffee and beer) drinks. Everything else is not intense enough as it might taste you.

How can you change that?

The radical path is clear: Force yourself to first only drink water and nothing else. That sounds hard, and it is hard!

Who wants it softer, can also dilute the sweet drinks with the time to get aware for a different taste with this. Of course, this will take some time, but it works. You just have to don't give up.

When you're then first used to water, you really do not want something else, I know this from personal experience.

And of course, there is also the middle way: Who would not completely stop drinking sweet drinks, can simply drink at meals and normal occasions water and the other drinks only at celebrations. I think, that's the healthiest way without thinking, that one would have to give up something. Because a waiver is also nothing nice.
2012-05-17 at 19:59

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Entirely true! Today, most have forgotten, how to taste just right and perceive sensitive tastes. Therefore, many people do not taste water! Drink only water for a few days and you can go back and notice the taste of water, water can also taste good and there may be differences between different types of water.

But be careful: You will then probably think, that Cola and Co are too sweet! But that is the truth!
2012-05-17 at 20:50

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