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What does bra size "D-DD" mean?

Question by Guest | 2018-08-25 at 05:11

Bra Size Guide listed 38D, 38 D-DD, and /or38 DD!

So what is "D-DD"? If one has one breast sized D and the other DD?!

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That can have two meanings: Either it's an intermediate size or it's a kind of "one size for both" bra.

So, either it's just a size between two sizes. When a bra is stated as D-DD, this bra can be used if D is a bit too small and DD is a bit too big.

Or, if it is a "one size for both" bra, this bra is fitting in the range from D to DD. Mostly that are bras giving only moderate support not meant to be worn the whole day. There are also bras with a wider range, for example C-DD that can than be worn from cup size C to cup size DD. The wider the range, the more likely it is such an "one size for a range"-bra.
2018-08-26 at 12:17

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