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Bra Sizes: What does the 75 in 75B mean?

Question by Guest | 2018-02-01 at 19:24

What is actually the meaning of the number in a bra size?

As far as I know, with A, B, C, D or DD, the cup size is specified. In other words: the larger the letter, the bigger the breasts.

But what does the number before the letter mean? Can someone enlighten me?

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The number is the under bust size. This is the circumference of the thorax measured in centimeters just below the breast. To determine this size, all you need is a measure tape that you apply directly under the breast around your body at your chest.

If you measure a circumference of 73 to 77 cm, you would need a bra with the under bust 75 - the next smaller size would be 70, the next larger 80. The distance between the individual underbust sizes is therefore always 5 centimeters.

The cup size (in your example the B) results from the circumference measured at the furthest point above the breast. The larger this circumference is, the bigger the cup has to be.
2018-02-02 at 17:33

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