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Why are liars touching their nose?

Question by Little Tree | 2018-02-20 at 13:22

If a person is lying, it is said that the person should grab his or her nose more often than the person is not lying. This behavior is supposed to be able to convict a liar.

But what about this fact? Is it really true or is the vernacular just bringing together a lie and a nose because of Pinocchio?

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When lying, the tissue in the nose is rumored to be better supplied with blood. And so, it swells accordingly. This should lead to an itching of the nose, which leads the liar to touch or grate his nose.

This is the theory. Whether a touch of the nose alone can convict a liar, I dare to doubt. But maybe you can at least rate this behavior as a small lie indicator.
2018-02-21 at 12:54

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