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Why has just the February 28 days?

Question by Fritz4U | 06/09/2012 at 13:03

I just thought about the question of why exactly the February is the chosen month, which has only 28 days and has one more day in leap years.

Why, for example, the December was not taken, because this is the last month and with this, you can simply let the year end earlier to compensate for the leap year? That would make more sense for me instead of taking a month in the middle of the year for it.

And why have people agreed to take 28 days (or 29 days in leap years)? Here, it would also make more sense, to set the February to 30 or 31 days, since all of the other months also have 30 or 31 days. Again, it would be much more better to steal the two missing days from one of the other months with 31 days, so that the  February is not quite as extreme penalized.



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With the objection, that the last month of the year makes more sense for such a reduction, you're not so much wrong!

In fact, formerly, in the ancient Roman calendar, February was the last month of the year. This can be seen even today at the months September, October, November and December, in which the Latin numbers for 7 (september), 8 (octo), 9 (november) and 10 (decem) are manifested - if you count like that, March is the first month.

And that's the reason why February was taken for the rest of the days trying to balance the other months out. At that time, by the way, February always had 28 days and the leap year was not born.

However, in the first Roman calendar, several months had only 29 days, so that February's 28 days was not too different compared with the other months. From time to time, Caesar has extended a few months and he has only left the February as it was.
08/09/2012 at 20:01

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Wal Pool

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According to a legend, Augustus should be responsible for the short February. Indeed, the month August is named after him and July is named after Julius Caesar. So, August wanted to have as many days as Caeasar and has simply just lopped off the days in February. But I think, that is just a legend...
10/09/2012 at 20:51

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