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Why does my HD-TV still have a SCART-Connection?

Question by Guest | 2014-06-13 at 18:19

As I have understood it, HDMI transmits data digitally and at a higher resolution, while the old SCART is analog and does not come with such a high resolution.

Now I wonder why my new HD-TV still has a scart socket for the scart connector? Finally, by using this old connection, you cannot take advantage of the technical possibilities, the TV is providing.

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Be glad that today's manufacturers are still thinking of the old ports. I prefer having one more connector I am not using at my TV instead of throwing away all of my old receivers, gaming consoles and video cassette recorders, just because I can no longer connect them with my new TV device.

And that is the reason you are asking for. Many customers are still using some of those old devices or game consoles not having an HDMI port so that they would opt for a different TV having the old connector, they need (and this is SCART in most cases).
2014-06-13 at 23:48

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