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HDMI or SCART-Cable - Which is better? Which should I use?

Question by Guest | 2014-06-12 at 12:31

My flat screen TV as well as my video recorder (hard disk recorder) and my receiver for satellite and DVB-T are all providing both connections, HDMI and SCART cable.

This gives me the choice: Should I better use the HDMI or the SCART connector to connect the devices to each other?

Is there a general difference between HDMI and SCART, so that you can technically justify that one technology is better than the other or are HDMI and SCART technologies equivalent? What should I prefer?

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HDMI transmits the image digitally, SCART is analog. Therefore, more data and thus a higher resolution image can be transmitted using the newer HDMI technology.

If you would like to watch HD-TV or Blu-Rays at the highest resolution possible, you have to use HDMI. Using SCART, the image would be slightly scaled down which is suffering the quality.

If you have the choice, I would connect the devices with HDMI.
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