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Why does the car insurance company want know if I have children?

Question by Guest | 2018-03-24 at 19:20

For the conclusion of my car insurance, I received a questionnaire, which I should fill out and hand over to the insurance company. Some of the questions irritate me a lot. It is strange that the insurance wants to know everything about me.

Among other things, the insurance asks if I have children under 16 years. Why is the insurance concerning this at all? Should I refuse the question? And what's that all about?

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Insurance companies try to calculate your risk to get into an accident and how high the expected damage could be. This will calculate your insurance premium, which you will have to pay for your insurance later.

The insurance companies have now developed innumerable parameters with which they try to determine the risk. Obviously, the costs after a damage of an old cheap subcompact will probably be lower than with an expensive new sports car. Or that a young driver will probably drive more risky than his dignified father.

The question about the children has a similar background. If you look at the accident statistics, it turns out that mothers with children drive much more cautiously in the car than when there are no children in the car. After all, every mother is worried about her offspring and does not want anything to happen.

For this reason, I would definitely give the indication of the children, maybe it will result in a children's bonus and your contribution to the insurance will be cheaper.
2018-03-25 at 16:33

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