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Legal Expense Insurance: May I be refused as a customer by an Insurance?

Question by Guest | 2018-05-18 at 18:53

I am in constant trouble with my employer, I have trouble when traveling, with my neighbors, with the Road Traffic Department and with various contracts that I am still running. Honestly, slowly but surely, I can not afford my lawyer for all that spectacle anymore!

For this reason, I came to the good idea to order a legal expenses insurance. However, I have now been rejected at 3 different insurances. I have always been told, in a more or less friendly way, that they just do not want to have me as a customer.

But are the insurance companies allowed to do that? Are they not legally required to accept me? Too bad that I do not already have a legal protection insurance, that would be a case for the court!

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I'm sorry to have to tell you that, but the insurance companies are legally on the safe side if they reject you. This is because the legal expenses insurance is voluntary and not a compulsory insurance. If the legal expenses insurance would be a compulsory insurance, the rejection would not be so easy.

The reason for your refusal probably lies in the many cases you mentioned in your question. We also have to understand the insurance here. It could be quite costly and incalculable for the insurance company to insure you.

For this reason, people or companies where it is already foreseeable that many disputes will occur, regularly are rejected by insurance companies.
2018-05-19 at 16:18

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