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WordCreator: Words with too many characters are created

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I have a question regarding the WordCreator. I would like to create words with different lengths and therefore I do not have written a specific number but "3-6" into the field "Length of Words".

As far as I have understood the help, this should create words with a minimum length of 3 letters and a maximum length of 6 letters.

However, using this setting, I also get words with more than 6 characters. What am I doing wrong?

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The specification in the field "Length of Words" is not just referring to the length of the created words measured in characters or letters. Instead, the specification refers to the number of elements (letters or syllables) from the box "Used Syllables" used for the words. Those box is something like the construction kit from which new words will be generated.

That means, the specification "3-6" is creating words consisting of at least 3 and at a maximum of 6 syllables from the "Used Syllables"-list. If there are only single letters in the list, the specification equals the number of characters of the new word. However, if there are also syllables with 2, 3 or more letters in the list, it may happen that for example some words with 6 syllables each with 3 characters I created and accordingly, the words are becoming longer with this.

So, if you only want to create words with a specific length measured in the number of characters or letters, you should ensure that there are no elements with more than one character in the box "Used Syllables".
Last update on 2021-05-14 | Created on 2016-01-23

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