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Keyboard Shortcut for Printing Files

Tutorial by Stefan Trost | 2016-04-08 at 16:51

I have a series of documents such as PDF documents, Word documents (DOCX), OpenOffice files (ODT) or even the one or other text file, I have to print regularly all at once. Now, it is much work to open each of those files in their individual programs just to open the printer dialog each time and again and again. So, this there any possibility on Windows to adjust to define some key combination or keyboard shortcut to do this printing job at once?

Answer: You can do that using the application FasterFiles. just follow the following steps to set up your print hotkey:

  1. After starting Faster Files, click on the button "New HotKey" and enter your desired key combination. Select that your hotkey should only have one Action List from the options if you only want to use the hotkey for printing.
  2. Click on "Add Action" and select "Print File or Folder Content" (detailed description).
  3. Now you can determine which files should be printed and whether a specific printer or the default printer should be used. You can just drag and drop files from the Windows Explorer onto the window to add files to the list.
  4. Last, click on "Save" and you printing key combination will be active.

By the way, instead of files, you can also define one or more complete folders for printing out. In this case, the entire content of the specified folder will be printed. This method is a good possibility especially when it is not clear which files will be in the desired folder and if those files must be variable.


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