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Aching Muscles after Vaccination

Question by Guest | 2016-10-02 at 15:37

Yesterday, I was at the doctor for brushing up my vaccinations. When vaccinating, I got the syringe into my arm. Directly after the stitch, I had no complications.

However, since I stood up today, I have something like a muscle soreness feeling directly at respectively around the location I got the injection. What can that be? I have specially avoided doing sports, I do not think that this is real muscles stiffness. Where are those stiff and sore muscles coming from?

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No need to worry, this is the normal immune system response to the vaccine. This reaction shows you that your immune system is working and building up a protection.

After the vaccination, your immune system becomes active and sends immune cells to the location the vaccine was injected. Some vaccines even contain so-called adjuvants (excipients) that are making these reactions intentionally heavier.

All of this can lead to pain and this muscle ache feeling at the injection location. However, this is not a reason for any con son. At least after 1-3 days everything should be over again.
2016-10-02 at 21:24

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