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Sport despite Vaccination?

Question by Guest | 2018-05-19 at 11:55

I was vaccinated today and normally today I would go to the gym (strength and endurance sports). Now I'm wondering if this is a good idea right after the vaccination or if I'd rather take a little break.

How about sports after a vaccination? Is it safe to continue with the sport or should you rather spare yourself after a vaccination?

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If you want to be on the safe side, you should not do sports for 2 to 3 days after the vaccination and ask your doctor what about sports with your vaccine - there are different types of vaccinations and therefore there may be differences what you can do.

With one kind of vaccine you are given killed or debilitated pathogens, on which your immune system then forms antibodies. Of course that demands your body so that your immune system has a lot to do!

Sport or other effort briefly weakens your immune system! Therefore, it is not necessarily advisable to do sports or strenuous activities while your body already has to cope with the pathogens. In the worst case, it can cause your immune system to be so weak that it can not cope with the pathogen and make you ill.

Of course, this is especially dangerous for a live vaccine that consists of functional pathogens and less serious for a dead vaccine consisting of killed viruses or bacteria. Measles, mums, rubella, yellow fever, typhoid, influenza or smallpox vaccines are typically live vaccines.

So ask your doctor what your vaccine looks like and just omit the few days of exercise and effort, your health will thank you.
2018-05-19 at 19:12

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Better avoid sports for a few days. The vaccine will stress your immune system, and sports will temporarily weaken your immune system. Not a good combination, you can get sick quickly!

In addition, you may be over-demanding in sports and your body may not have enough power to properly handle the vaccine and make antibodies. Under certain circumstances, subsequently the entire vaccine has been in vain.
2018-05-20 at 10:39

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