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Build Muscles only through the right Diet

Question by Guest | 2018-06-04 at 22:37

A colleague of mine keeps telling me that he is an absolute professional in terms of muscle building and fitness. His latest idea is a small self-written eBook, in which he describes how one can massively build muscle just through eating the right way. He promises that you do not need any sports if you stick to his diet and his nutrition recommendations.

The problem now is that he thinks that this knowledge has its price and I have to pay 350 bugs to get this e-book. Of course, I'm wondering if I should do that, after all, the offer sounds tempting. For sports, I can raise relatively rare.

Now I wanted to ask you if this is possible in principle, what he promises there, before I spend so much money (for me, 350 is very much, I hardly earn anything and have high debts). Because so far I have always believed that you can only build muscles through training. I am looking forward to your ideas. If it can work in principle, of course I would buy the book.

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Stay away from this charlatan! He just rips you and I find it embarrassing to want to have so much money, when he knows exactly that it is nonsense, which is written in his book.

The only way to build muscles is to train those muscles while exercising! Muscles grow only when needed and used.

Of course, a sensible diet is important so that your body has the necessary components (for example, protein) for building muscles. But by eating alone you will not build muscles unless it's the masticatory muscles in your mouth!
2018-06-05 at 21:43

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Unfortunately, this is not possible. But I'm always amazed at what people come up with to pull the money out of poor fellows like you.
2018-06-06 at 10:46

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