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Airport: Do I have to turn on my laptop at the check-in?

Question by Guest | 2018-03-04 at 19:43

I would like to take my laptop with me on vacation. Now I've heard from some acquaintances that there could be problems at the security check-in checkpoint.

I was told that the computer has to be presented and turned on in any case and then the officers would check that it really is a laptop and not a bomb or something. The same would apparently apply to a smartphone.

A small problem is that I usually do not run my laptop with the battery but with the power cord. Therefore, I would not have the opportunity to "show off" my laptop.

Can somebody tell me how such a control looks like and if you really need to turn on the laptop?

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Personally, I've traveled several times with a laptop in my carry-on luggage and never had to turn on the laptop or demonstrate its functionality. My smartphone has never been checked, too.

The only thing that was done was that sometimes I had to put the laptop into a separate box at the check-in, so that the security people could probably look at everything exactly.

The rumor, you would have to turn on the laptop, I have already heard, too. Maybe it depends on the country and the controls there. For example, I've heard that on a trip to the US, the security people went back with the laptop for a while. In a classic flight within Europe or the like I have never heard of such a thing.

If you only operate your laptop with a power cord you can really play it safe, you can just take the cable with you in your hand luggage. Should it really come to the control (which I do not believe), then you have the cable with it.
2018-03-05 at 07:37

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